My snare drum is absolutely amazing, and I love the way it sounds. This drum is my primary snare because it fits every style from Jazz to Rock with the full, rich and thick tone it has.

Sanchez Fair

  • Big sound.
  • Everything old is new again – our killer, vintage looks have all the advantages of today’s drum building technology.
  • You’ll have the best sound on stage with the most unique look: you are guaranteed to stand out with MBW Drums.

MBW Drums DRUM! Magazine Interview: Chicago Drum Show 2013

Why MBW Drums?

  • Quality – We only use the best components available
  • Experience – 20 years in wood working and custom finish work
  • Versatility – from the studio, to the club, to the arena, a wide open range of tuning and sustain that will fit any playing style or venue
  • Relationship – We want you to be a part of every aspect of the build & to be there to take care of your next custom build and the rest to come!